Timelapse Video

A time-lapse is a photographic technique. It consists of periodically capturing images over a period of time. These images are converted into video sequences that summarize in just a few seconds events that can last a long period of time.

In video-timelapse.com we are specialists in long duration timelapse.

Video Timelapse

Video Timelapse – Construction Documentation

A very graphic example would be the construction of a building. It is a very slow work for the human eye. There are hardly any appreciable changes in a few hours or days.

The surprise comes when you see a ten-second video in which you can see the follow-up of the work during the last three months.

Why do I want a Time-Lapse Video?

A Time-Lapse video offers the opportunity to summarize complex and/or long term events in a simple and short way. Depending on the type of Time-Lapse we can give advice on the most appropriate way to carry out the creation of a time-lapse video.

Advantages of a Time Lapse video

  • You stand out from the rest.
  • A Time-Lapse for every application: construction sites, day-to-day life in a company, changes in nature, in a city, on the coast, plant growth, crops, etc.
  • Time-lapse videos are entertainment, they are not seen as advertising.
  • Time-lapse videos, contrary to what you might think, are not static, they are dynamic, you can change the shots, scenes, frame enlargements, etc. so that the viewer is surprised and at the same time attracted and fascinated by the timelapse video. It is almost magic!

Applications of Time-Lapse videos

Social Media
A time-lapse is a visual technique that helps to stand out from the crowd. It touches the hearts of clients, their emotions and helps to strengthen the bonds with their potential clients or stakeholders.

Publishing a time-lapse video on social platforms such as facebook, Twitter, Xing Google+ etc. can create a ripple effect. It is very likely that people will share this type of video as it is unusual and eye-catching.

Increased visibility on the internet
Time-lapse videos help increase the relevance of the company’s web content. Google and other search engines reward the videos with the best positioning. This in turn attracts more visitors to the page, and again the search engines value the visits very positively. The result is a higher ranking of the page which embeddes the video in Internet. All this without having an advertising cost in ad campaigns or clicks!

Higher click rate
Time-lapse videos are a fundamental part of online marketing. They can be published on the website and made in different versions for mobile, tablet etc. This ensures that the time-lapse video can be viewed on any type of device and the eye-catching videos.

Portals such as Youtube, Vimeo etc. help to gain visitors notably. If the content is interesting and also draws attention as in the case of a quality Time-lapse: twice as good!

High quality video
Quality, quality and quality. A professional Time-Lapse video creates a high performance image which remains in the mind of potential customers. That excellent image for the customers becomes a very positive influence on the results of the company.

Marketing strategy
Unlike other types of images, a time-lapse video is sure to be noticed!
It is a simple and very effective direct marketing strategy.
You can summarize business processes or works in just a few seconds.

Recommend your products
With a Time-Lapse video of a production process you can see how a product is born, from the very first moment until it is ready for shipment. Who wouldn’t like to see this?
It is an indirect, but actually direct way to recommend your own products or services.

Corporate Communication and Public Relations
A Time-Lapse video is not only attractive to customers. At an internal level it helps to strengthen the bonds between your employees, family, friends and environment. This in turn can translate into new additions or at least the desire to be part of the corporate environment.

video time-lapse

Time-lapse videos – capturing images periodically over a certain period of time

Events, conventions and fairs
We encourage you to use a Time-Lapse video in order to present an event, a conference, the result of a fair or a summary of a congress.
For sure it attracts the viewer´s attention with emotional pictures, helping customers to understand the company and its products or services better.
At a trade fair it is a good technique to stand out from the competition and to attract more people to the trade fair stand.

Action fields of amazing timelapse footage

Companies with production processes

  • Time-Lapse of a production process.
  • The day-to-day life in the company summed up in a few seconds using the Time-Lpase technique.
  • A Time-lapse can serve as an introduction to the company’s corporate video.
  • Integration of a Time-Lapse video in the product video.


  • Time-lapse sequences of events: Construction of a trade fair stand, decoration of a corporate event, arrival of the public, celebration, farewell and dismantling.
  • Concerts, shows, conferences, lectures.
  • Sporting events.
  • Cultural events.
  • Incentives, internal company events, team working.
  • Construction video-timelapse

Tourism and leisure

  • Trabel timelapse videos that inspire to travel.
  • Sunsets, sunrises that help to know a place with a warm and attractive light.
  • Beaches, castles, mountains, coast, beach, elevated views, panoramic, rural and urban scenes.
  • Events, festivals, museums, culture, theme parks.

Construction and real estate sector

  • Present your project to your customers in real time, so they can see the progress day by day, increasing their confidence.
  • Quick summary of the construction process, in which you can explain to the client the quality, the work process, etc. This will help to strengthen ties with the client.
  • Interior and facade reforms, etc.
  • Landscaping, and gardening projects summarized from the beginning to the end.
  • Construction documentation.

Video Time-Lapse

Construction Time Lapse

Scientific Time-Lapse

  • Time-lapse plant growth.
  • Development of forests, over the months and years, reforestation. Changes in the coastline due to climate change or construction.
  • Crops: planting time, growth and harvest.
  • Time-Lapse scientific controlled cultivation of labyrinths, experiments, resistance tests etc.
  • Time-Lapse to see the evolution of a season: spring, summer, autumn, winter.
  • Monitoring of the behaviour of species in nature.
  • Documentation of scientific experiments.

Vídeo-timelapse de construcción