Time-Lapse Video Editing

The editing of a long timelapse that has lasted days, weeks, months or years is one of the most important parts of the process of making a brilliant timelapse video.

It is a very technical and specialized task, which requires very specific knowledge of photography and video. Editing a long term video requires defined software tools for each situation.

Professional Time-Lapse Video Editing

Since Time-Lapses video is a very new field many of the editing tools are quite new. They have greatly facilitated and improved the editing process and can achieve completely professional results.

However, there are not many professionals who know and master the use of these Time-Lapses editing tools.

Eliminate flickering and stabilize timelapse video

To edit a Time-Lapse movie, in a first step the flickering of the images caused by the uneven aperture of the shutter and by the light changes has to be eliminated. On the other hand, very large light changes must be reduced to give the video a certain homogeneity.

The stabilization of the video will be the last task before making the final edition of the video with its background music, transitions and computer graphics.

The final Time-Lapse has to be attractive and dynamic. It has a high added value since it summarizes a certain period of time in an almost magical way. At the same time the evolution of the work is documented: From the beginning to the end.


Eliminación flickering - edición de un vídeo time-lapse

Flickering  elimination and stabilization of the video

Harmonizing the light

Photography takes place throughout the day. During the day there are changes in light from dawn to dusk. Furthermore days with more intense changes such as the sun and clouds must be taken into account.

If you take timelapse-images over several days, weeks, months or years the changes will be much greater.

There will be photographs within the timelapse sequences that will have to be harmonized to achieve a harmonious finalTime-Lapse video.

Edición de Timelapse

Professional video editing of time lapse videos


Image homogenization process

It is a laborious and very technical process that requires time and dedication. But the results speak for themselves.

Edición de Time-Lapse

Lighting Harmonization – Professional Time-Lapse Edition

Stabilization of the Time-Lapse

Over time the Time-Lapse camera may suffer slight movements, hopefully they will be minimal, but surely perceptible in the final video of timelapse.

Dilations in the materials

A slight movement of the Timelapse equipment will cause a  noteable change in the frame of the Time-Lapse video. For example, a strong wind may force a small shift in the frame.
Accidentally a machine or someone may move the mast or the place where the Timelapse equipment is installed.

On the other hand, the expansion in the materials produced by sudden changes in temperature in one day throughout the year can expand or contract the materials, causing slight changes in the position of the equipment, resulting in a change of frame.

Well, all these changes of framing, even if they are minimal, cause the time-lapse video not to have a uniform framing, dancing to one side or up or down.

Postproducción time-lapse

Stabilize timelapse clips

The solution to avoid these framing jumps is stabilization during the post-production of Time-Lapse.
Depending on the magnitude and type of movement of the frame, specific software and appropriate parameters will be applied to correct it and achieve a timelapse-stabilized video.

Stabilizing the timelapse in postproduction

It is possible that when the timelapse system is accidentally moved, the image may be tilted, crooked or unattractive. So it will be necessary to reframe in post production to achieve a correct framing with the Time-Lapse edition.

Once the sequences are stabilized, with a harmonized light and free of flickering or blinking, we move on to the final phase in the edition, leaving the more technical aspects aside.

Attractive and dynamic Time-Lapse editing that catches the viewer’s attention is the most beautiful reward for all the effort put in.

Background music, voice-over, computer graphics

Background music, voice-over, computer graphics, transitions, etc. will be the ingredients in the last phase of edition of Time-Lapse.

This way we manage to summarize a work that has lasted months, years in just a few seconds, minutes. It seems almost magical. It is a memory, a summary of a construction infrastructure, event or research that has been carried out of incalculable value.