Realization of video Time-Lapse public or private services

Time-Lapse videoservice can be very varied, but will always show, summarize what happened in a long period of time that can go from a few minutes, hours, days or months in just a few seconds or minutes.

The service sector or tertiary sector groups together those activities where a product is not produced but where a service is produced as its name suggests. Broadly speaking, A Time-Lapse servicescould be classified according to this reference, regardless of whether they are managed by the state –public services– or at a private level –private services-.

Financial Services Time-Lapse Video

Sector servicios financieros, time-lapse servicios

Financial services

A timelapse in the banking sector could be done by placing Time-Lapse Video cameras of services, so you can see at all times the different rooms of the bank, the flow of people etc. It can also serve as a security timelapse, with an image quality far superior to conventional security video cameras. Being able to see the photos in real time by remote control is an option to be valued.

A very interesting video would be to make the sequence of photographs in the stock market, so to observe the development of a day, to see the movements of the stock market agents etc.

Video Time-Lapse of health services

, time-lapse servicios

Servicios médicos

A Time-Lapse Video of a hospital’s services, showing how it works, its workers, and the flow of people.

In certain areas it can be very interesting to see the evolution of a patient for example in a rehabilitation process. In this way it would be possible to check very graphically the patient’s progress over time. If the Time-Lapse Video service camera is installed in the room where the rehabilitation is usually done, the doctor could see and compare the timelapses on different days and see for example what is sometimes happening in a more objective way and from a distance.

They could log in with a password to view these files in real time and share them with other specialist colleagues in another geographical location.

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Time-Lapse video of transport and logistics services

Time-Lapse Servicios de transporte

Timelapse transport services

In a logistics company, cameras could be installed to document specific work in the field of transport, logistics or urban infrastructure.

From the moment that orders come in, the labels are put on, the objects are sorted out and then sent out. This is a very interesting video that may even have applications for observing actions in the chain that may be susceptible to slight implementation or improvement.

Time-Lapse video of leisure and tourism services.

The tourism sector is so specific that they have dedicated a section within this Time-Lapse page for tourism promotion.

As for the leisure sector, the possibilities of making Time-Lapses of services have a great potential. To give an example, a timelapse could be made for a group of friends who play cards.

In this way one could see the development of a game, shuffling, dealing the cards, moving the hands, making gestures in just a few seconds.

Other fields of action of Timelapse services

  • Administration
  • Culture
  • Personal Services
  • Communication and information
  • Commercial services such as buying and selling products.