Industrial Timelapses

An industrial Time-Lapse video is an ideal tool to show in just a few seconds or minutes a production process that could have lasted from a few hours to months or even years in real time. Images are taken at a frequency much lower than the eventual frame rate. This gives the impression that processes are occurring at a much quicker rate than in real life.

We generate Timelapse of weeks, months and years, as well as shorter sequences of hours or days.

Time-Lapse para la industria

High resolution documentation of production processes for industrial projects

The Time-Lapse for industry allows to understand and transmit processes that otherwise would not be perceptible to the human eye. We have both the necessary hardware and the software to perform high resolution Time-Lapse sequences.

Our equipment can be operated either by a photographer specialized in industrial timelapses on site or remotely monitored for longer projects.

Timelapse de placas solares

Solar panel timelapse

Short-term industrial time lapse

A video timelapse can for example collect different sequences of the production chain that occur in a few minutes or hours. In this way, the photographer can move around and perform different timelapses of different activities. He can even leave a timelapse equipment during the whole day so that additionally other aspects related to the production process that require more time to be perceptible can be documented.

The industrial Time-Lapses of short or punctual duration carried out during a day can be combined with others on the long run and can thus be an ideal and very attractive combination of images for the company.

Depending on the duration of the activity to be documented, the time-lapse photographer will choose the frequency of photography. For example, if you need to document the process of labeling a bottle and this activity takes about 30 minutes from the time the bottle is put out. It is cleaned, prepared until finally the label is stuck, then the shooting interval should be very short in order to pick up the whole process in a smooth way. This way we would have a partial industrial Time-Lapse of this industrial activity.

Time-Lapse de proceso de producción

Time-Lapse de proceso productivo industrial

Otherwise, this activity may last a little longer, about 3 hours, for example, it could be the elaboration of a product that is then poured into the bottle. In this case, the whole process would be documented using the Time-Lapse technique, but choosing a much longer interval than in the previous case, as the action happens more slowly.

All these small industrial Time-Lapses of infrastructure, industry or bridges would be edited separately to then integrate and join criteria in a final timelapse video.

Long-term industrial timelapse video – industry, infrastructure, bridges

As for construction monitoring, our timelapse equipment is prepared to be working for long periods of time. This allows us to creat a timelapse video of  the installation of solar panels that can last a couple of months. Other examples will be the installation of a CPD (Data Processing Center) or the construction of roads and bridges.

Timelapse agrícola

The timelapse technique in the agricultural sector

In the industrial agricultural sector of oil or wine, the evolution of the vines in the different seasons of the year, from the harsh winter, through the spring when they flower or in late summer and early autumn when the grapes can be reflected in a timelapse video. This would be a good example of an industrial agricultural Time-Lapse video for monitoring works.

At the time of the grape harvest the industrial timelapse photographer could additionally take a series of partial photographs that would enrich the attractive timelapse video.

time-lapse de instalación industrial

Monitoring in timelapse – Time-lapse of industrial installation

Location of the Time-Lapse video equipment

In the industrial sector deciding the best setting, the best location both inside and outside an industrial building is an essential first step. After getting to know the project to be photographed using the timelapse technique and proposing the number of equipment required, it will be necessary to locate the best work places in order to maximize the points of view. Thus nothing is left without being thoroughly documented.

The advantage of industrial timelapses is that the location of the equipment is usually less complex as it is in more controllable environments.

Time-lapse instalaciones industriales

Time-lapse de instalaciones industriales

Installation of the Time-Lapse equipment

The equipment is prepared for installation both in industrial buildings and outdoors. The final configuration of each equipment will be done in a personalized way for each documentation project. The assembly of the equipment can be done on tripods or using a beam or loft in the industrial wash. If it is an exterior project, the equipment can be placed on the roof of the building or on an adjacent one.

If you want to document with timelapses the movement of solar panels, you could operate the equipment remotely located on top of a mast from which the camera has a good panoramic view. The installation possibilities are almost infinite and in many cases require imagination.

Time Lapse de instalación fotovoltaica

Timelapse videos of infrastructure & residential projects. The timelapse technique in the infrastructure sector, both for the development of residential and commercial buildings and for construction timelapses.

The editing of the Time-Lapse video will be done in a coherent way and following a script. Everything has an order in an industrial production process that when editing it is necessary to take this into account so that the video speaks for itself, explains in images a reality.

Combining sequences will enrich the final result of the timelapse video. Given the high quality of the photographs taken by the equipment objects may be enlarged, zoom in and out maintaining the quality of the video.

Why use industrial Time-Lapse video?

Timelapse video applications:

Industrial Time-Lapse video applications:

  • Production processes
  • Industrial plants
  • Ships, both outdoor and indoor.
  • Photovoltaic power station
  • Shipbuilding industry: shipyards, ship and boat building
  • Aircraft industry. Aircraft manufacturing and assembly.
  • Railway industry. Construction of trains, wagons, locomotives, seats, etc.
  • Heavy industry and light industry
  • The steel industry that transforms iron into steel.
  • Metallurgical industry, cement industry
  • Robotics
  • Computer science
  • Astronautics
  • Mechanics
  • Aerospace
  • Food