Event Timelapse Video

The realization of a dynamic event timelapse shows at a glance a memorable event that could have lasted several hours, a whole day or even several. You can see and observe the assembly, disassembly of everything necessary to prepare a great event, as well as the flows of people who come to the event. And, all this summarized in a few seconds.

If you place several timelapse cameras with different angles and frames of the event the development of the event may be seen in real time. From this can benefit the organizer itself as well as the press and generate much traffic on social networks. It is a brilliant method event seeding method while it is happening.

time-lapse eventos

Event Time-lapse

Time-Lapse cameras needed for an event

For an event time lapse you can combine fixed cameras located in strategic positions that reflect the total development of the event with cameras changed on demand by a professional photographer.

Time-lapse cameras with static positions

The time-lapse cameras will be installed before the event begins. The interval of shots of the images will be configured and its good operation will be checked.

The equipments are controlled by remote control, this makes it much easier and faster to change the parameters in the camera as the frequency of the photo taking, because at the beginning, in the assembly phase there may be moments when the frequency is different from the moment of the opening of the event.

Sometimes the cameras have to be installed in places somewhat distant or inaccessible so the remote control of the equipment will be a key factor. The fact that a single person can control all the cameras is a great advantage when making a Time-Lapse of events.

Mobile camera for event timelapses

On the other hand and to enrich the timelapse event video mobile cameras will be moving and performing on the fly, depending on the environment and the development of the event. These timelapse videos will enrich the final timelapse video providing freshness, proximity and even more action to the Time-Lapse video of events.

Time-lapse evento

Mobile timelapses cameras

Online photos in real time

You will be able to see the pictures taken online in an open page or with a password of all the pictures that have been taken of the event with the different cameras.

You will also be able to view automatically generated partial Time-Lapse videos of the last few hours.

In this way the event will become more popular if people can see what is happening right now, increasing the audience that is present at the event even virtually.

Time-Lapse de un evento deportivo

Sport event

Monitoring tool for event organizers

Being able to have the photos in real time from all the cameras is also a control tool for the organizers, from a monitor, a laptop can see the event from different angles without leaving a room.

They will therefore have a global and detailed vision of what is happening at the event without having to walk from one place to another or call and ask. This is a great advantage as you can observe what is happening and make decisions as you go along if necessary.

In every event there is a part that is predictable and has been programmed, and another part that is less predictable and is more in the hands of the human factor, in this way you can see if there are going to be deviations from the forecast and try to correct them if it is of interest.

Time-Lapse events – a viral tool

The photos, the atmosphere, the editing, the music or the combination of everything can make the video have many visits, increasing the notoriety of the company that organizes it and its sponsors.

Time-Lapse event video edition

Editing the video timelapse is something fundamental for the video to transmit, to have rhythm, strength that it knows soon after seeing it. It is very likely that the participants themselves will not get tired of seeing it create a call effect and that many, many people will see it.

In the edition, the different shots taken by the different fixed cameras will be combined, given the high quality of the files obtained during the taking of the photo sequences, it will be possible to enlarge a part of the image without losing any quality. In this way a single camera, a single team prepared to take Time-Lapse Video events can get several shots.

Along with the shots from the fixed cameras, you will have to add the sequences of photographs that the event timelapse photographer takes during the event on the track.

These sequences, with even more movement and that go looking for a punctual action will also be incorporated in the final timelapse video that can become a viral video. As in the previous case, you can enlarge and zoom in the video to obtain details and get several different shots from the same sequence.

The final result of the timelapse video is an event video with cinematic quality, with titles, computer graphics and background music that accompanies the rhythm of the event. A voiceover can be recorded that counts, explains, and transmits information. The Time-Lapse video will be a product that can be used by the company’s marketing department to promote the event.

Learn with the video Time-Lapse event

By viewing the Time-lapse video of the event, the professionals who organized the event will surely notice details possibly imperceptible to others that can be changed or improved in future editions.

You will be able to see when the greatest flow of people arrives, through which area they enter and how they are distributed in the space. It is a very interesting field for sociologists, psychologists and other professionals who study human behavior.

Timelapse de evento

Time-lapse de feria

Event Types


You can document fairs, the disassembly of the fair stand, the arrival of the public, customers etc.


As in the fairs, you can record an exhibition, the moment e.g. when the paintings are hung, the arrival of people, the cocktail, the moment when the artists and the public start to leave and finally the dismantling of the exhibition. The cameras can stay in place a whole day or even a month, in short as long as the exhibition lasts. You can also see and study which days have had the greatest number of visitors, if this corresponds to higher sales, at what times there were more people, which part of the exhibition is most visited, etc. The organizer will be able to see the exhibition in real time and make decisions on the fly. This will help to increase the expected sales.

Congresses, presentations, conventions

    • Concerts: Concert documentation with timelapses, we will control the cameras on the fly and without the need to be in situ, study the movements of people, see their distribution, be able to see at a glance how the capacity is filled, if it would be convenient to redistribute the people in the space, etc. The dismantling is also interesting to document and simple because the Video Time-Lapse events equipment installed can stay as long as necessary even if this whole process takes several days or even weeks.
    • Product presentations
    • Sporting events
    • Social reports, dinners, lunches, business meetings, meetings, celebrations, anniversaries, weddings
    • Institutional events, congresses, lectures, conventions and corporate events that bring together people with common interests There are many more types of events, but this is a brief overview of the Time-Lapse corporate video classes.