Video-Timelapse – Expert for high-quality time lapse

Video-Timelapse is specialized in the development and production of short-term and long-term timelapses. A Time-Lapse project can last for days, months or years. Our technology allows us to tackle projects of the most diverse nature and difficulty.

Construction montitoring and documentation

Specialists in construction time-lapse. We monitor construction progress in the short and long term. Timelapse cameras are remotely controlled. They automatically send the photos to a server, being able to access the photos in real time.

Construction Timelapses in real time

Photographing project progress

In Video-Timelapse we make turnkey projects, both production and the editing of the final timelapse video.


  • High quality
    Reliable, high-performance equipment. Allows for detail extensions. 4K quality.
  • Real time images online
    Last images visible by counting from the mobile or any device with an internet connection
  • Remote control of equipment
    Possibility of modifying all the variables in any place.
  • Video summary
    Sequences with the last advances of the work.

We document long term and short term projects. Our camera sets are prepared to withstand the weather.

Empresa Timelapse Madrid Centro Comercial

Timelapse of a commercial center

Realizamos material para vídeos comerciales, spots, medios de comunicación, investigación, reportajes y series documentales.

We produce material for commercial videos, spots, media, research, reports and documentary series.
Broadly speaking, time lapse videos can be classified as follows:

Construction Time-Lapse

Documentation of the evolution of a work with the use of timelapse equipment. The timelapse camera(s) and other components are adapted to each specific situation, taking into account the location and conditions to which the Time-Lapse equipment will be subjected during all the time it is in use.

Industrial Time-Lapse

We carry out industrial Time-Lapses of productive processes, installation of machines and a long list of other activities. We develop industrial Time-Lapses of long duration, whether they last for weeks, months or years.

Time-Lapses can be taken both indoors and outdoors. Short duration timelapses taken during a specific day can be combined to enrich the final industry Time-Lapse video.

Time-Lapse of events

We cover all types of events using cameras installed at fixed points that we can control remotely. The combination of the different shots brings a great diversity and graphic richness to the Time-Lapse event video. Given the high quality of the images, additional shots can be obtained by enlarging part of the image.

Time-Lapses of the service sector develops Timelapses for the service sector such as logistics, leisure and commercial.

The theme can be very varied, from the realization of Time-Lapses in a hospital, a theater, images of a store and the flow of customers during its commercial activity to give some examples.

Video Time-Lapse of tourist promotion

We make Time-Lapse for tourist promotion and tourist boards. Rural landscapes, towns, cities, spectacular sunsets, monuments, nightlife, atmosphere, shopping places, leisure and recreation places, communications, museums are only some location for destination promotion using the Time-Lapse technique.
Different timelapse shots create a very attractive final timelapse that will attract attention.

Timelapse for research

Timelapse for research such as in sociology, biology or study of animal behavior. With the correct technique e.g. the process of oxidation, experiments to see a summary of its development and to be able to solve questions more easily can be documented by timelapse photography.

Creative Time-Lapses

We design creative Time-Lapses such as video clips or others creations for film or television.
We propose new ideas, carry out the most daring proposals, we improvise and we experiment. We create individual projects and, above all we love what we do! In we are creative and learning every day with each experience and with each new creative timelapse project.

Security Time-Lapses

Security Time-Lapses are taking images for security purposes. The main advantage is the high image quality that allows distinguishing details that would otherwise be impossible. Another plus is the low-light shooting. The night images with timelapse technology will be clear and of high quality. logy.

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